The key factor for our success and the brand name, LICOGI 12 today, is our labor team consisting of about 776 staffs, 83 technical engineers and staff sand 693 professional workers and drivers, working daily all over the country.

LICOGI 12 J.S.C is not only focused on the quantity, but also the quality of our staff.

Our office staff and our engineers are well trained and fully understand our goal of “Sharing Solid Belief” and “Construction quality should always be on the same level with service quality”.  Each leader of the Company becomes a “fire holder” a person for that spirit.

Our worker teams are selected and seriously trained to meet the requirements of in-depth professionalism; constantly educated about quality and work safety.  Periodically, they have been involved in our extensive training courses and examinations.

Organizational Structure

Fictional Department

  • Personnel and Partner Relationships Dept.
  • General Administration Dept.
  • Finance and Accounting Dept.
  • Technical and Economic Dept.
  • Material and Automobile Dept.
  • Project Management Unit.


  • Construction Enterprise No. 12.1.
  • Construction Enterprise No. 12.2.
  • Ha Nam Construction Material Production Enterprise.
  • Construction Unit No.1.
  • Construction Unit No.2.
  • Drilling Unit.
  • Mechanical Construction Unit.

Subsidiary joint stock company

  • Licogi 12.6 J.S.C.
  • Licogi 12.9 J.S.C.