History and Events
  • It was founded on Feb 24, 1981 in Hoa Binh Province as Mechanical Construction Enterprise No. 12.  It was one hundred percent owned by the State. Its main duties was to take part in construction works for major items of the Hoa Binh Hydro Power Station;
  • In 1990: It changed its name to Mechanical Construction and Civil Building Enterprise  No. 12 and relocated their headquarter in Ha Dong Town – Ha Tay Province;
  • In 1995: It changed its name to Mechanical and Construction Company No. 12 and moved its office to Hanoi.
  • Sept 2004: It became a joint partnership and was renamed Mechanical and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 12, belonging to Infrastructure Development and Construction Corporation, (LICOGI).  At that time, it was one of the first companies of Ministry of Construction to be equalized or a joint venture.
  • Aug 2006: It became LICOGI 12 J.S.C.
  • Jan 2010: LICOGI 12 J.S.C became an associated company of the newly founded group – Vietnam Industrial Construction Group (VNIC).

Along with its development in the quarter century, the LICOGI 12 Joint Stock company is proud of its contributions to many major national projects, which are making our country more prosperous during this period of renovation and international integration.

Business Fields
  • Basement or Foundation Construction

Foundation construction is Licogi 12’s top strength. We understand that a strong foundation plays an extremely important role.  It can affect the quality, safety and schedule of any construction project. Therefore, we always give the highest priority and invest in the newest modern techniques improving on our professionalism in managing, implementation and quality at construction site.

Being pro-active with our specialized equipment and our expertise, we can build any base foundation for the largest projects using our boring pile (diameter up to 2,000 mm and the depth up to 60 m) under the tightest schedule and with the highest quality.

  • Heavy Equipment Projects

The use of heavy equipment in construction projects is also one of Licogi 12’s strengths. LICOGI 12 is known for their construction projects requiring heavy equipment.  Digging, removing, haling and clearing projects for the construction site have been the major activities of LICOGI 12 J.S.C since it was founded.

Participating in many major hydro power projects within the last two decades, such as Son La, Ban Chat, and A Vuong has given LICOGI 12 J.S.C more experience and developing an expertise in this area.

With more than 30 types of heavy equipment such as bulldozers, boring machines and heavy trucks…made by Komatsu, Caterpillar, Alatscopco, Volvo and Hyundai; LICOGI 12 J.S.C guarantees to meet the demands of soil and rock construction up to 2 million m3 per year.

  • Civil Construction

In order to meet the ever increasing demands in housing, especially high-rise buildings in our newly urban city, LICOGI 12 J.S.C has made a huge investment in equipment and manpower to be able to satisfy the demands of building living quarters or office buildings.  Among the many buildings constructed by LICOGI 12 J.S.C, some have been awarded gold medals for the best quality.

  • Steel construction production

LICOGI 12 J.S.C owns a structured steel plant in the Phu Thi Industrial Zone – Gia Lam district – Hanoi with a capacity of up to 5,000 tons per year. Its products include, but are not limited to; pre-steel housing for industrial projects, structured cofferdams and spare parts for boring piles.

  • Construction with Stone and Commercial Concrete

As investment activities for industrial production, LICOGI 12 J.S.C has concentrated on investing at the first stage of construction in the production of stone for building and commercial concrete.

  • Investment and Joint Ventures

Beside our investments in equipment and building materials, LICOGI 12 J.S.C is always open to new investments and joint-ventures in any projects that are suitable and equitable to our professional standards, abilities and expertise.

In 2009 we started construction on the Licogi 12 Tower located at 21 Dai Tu street.